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Technical Guides (formerly TIM's)

ALL of these documents are available on the Armed Forces Pest Management Board's website (

  TG 1 - AFPMB Publications

  TG 6 - Delousing Procedures for the Control of Louse-borne Disease During Contingency Operations
  TG 7 - Installation Pesticide Security
  TG 11 - Hydrogen Phosphide Fumigation with Aluminum Phosphide  

TG 13 - Ultra Low Volume Dispersal of Insecticides by Ground Equipment

  TG 14 - Personal Protective Equipment for Pest Management Personnel

  TG 15 - Pesticide Spill Prevention and Management

  TG 16 - Pesticide Fires: Prevention, Control, and Cleanup

TG 17 - Military Handbook - Design of Pest Management Facilities

  TG 18 - Installation Pest Management Program Guide

  TG 19 - Catalog of DoD Pest Management Materiel Other Than Pesticides,  
Ver 3.1 Update - Materiel added between March and July 2000

TG 20 - Pest Management Operations in Medical Treatment Facilities

  TG 21 - Pesticide Disposal Guide for Pest Control Shops

  TG 22 - Guidelines for Testing Experimental Pesticides on DoD Property

  TG 24 - Contingency Pest Management Pocket Guide  
          Change Log, Shows changes since last edition

  TG 26 - Tick-Borne Diseases: Vector Surveillance and Control

  TG 27 - Stored-Product Pest Monitoring Methods

  TG 29 - Integrated Pest Management in and around Buildings

  TG 30 - Filth Flies: Significance, Surveillance and Control in Contingency Operations
Change Log, Shows changes since last edition

  TG 31 - Contingency Retrograde Washdowns: Cleaning and Inspection Procedures

  TG 34 - Bee Resource Manual with emphasis on The Africanized Honey Bee

  TG 36 - Personal Protective Techniques Against Insects and Other Arthropods of Military Importance

           Change Log, Shows changes since last edition
TG 37 - Guidelines for Reducing Feral/Stray Cat Populations on Military Installations in the United States

  TG 38 - Protecting Meal, Ready-to-Eat Rations (MREs) and Other Subsistence During Storage

  TG 39 - Guidelines for Preparing DoD Pest Control Contracts Using Integrated Pest Management

  TG 40 - Methods for Trapping and Sampling Small Mammals for Virologic Testing

  TG 41 - Protection from Rodent-borne Diseases with special emphasis on occupational exposure to hantavirus

  TG 42 - Self-Help Pest Management

  TG 43 - Guide to Pest Surveillance During Contingency Operations