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Medically Important Parasitic Diseases and their Lifecycles

bullet Amebiasis
bullet Clonorchiasis
(flukes - trematodes)
bullet Fascioliasis
(sheep liver fluke - trematode)
bullet Isosporiasis
(coccidian parasite)
bullet Strongyloidiasis
 (roundworm - nematode)
bullet Angiostronglyliasis
(rat lungworms - roundworm - nematode)
bullet Cryptosporidiosis
(sporulated oocysts)
bullet Fasciolopsiasis
(the largest intestinal fluke - trematode)
bullet Leishmaniasis
(obligate intracellular protozoan parasites)
bullet Taeniasis
(tapeworms - cestodes)
bullet Anisakiasis
(larval roundworms - nematode)
bullet Cyclosporiasis
(a unicellular coccidian parasite)
bullet Filariasis
(roundworms - nematodes)
bullet Malaria
(blood parasites)
bullet Toxocariasis
(roundworm - nematodes)
bullet Ascariasis
(largest roundworms - nematode)
bullet Cysticercosis
(tapeworms - cestodes)
bullet Free-living amebae
bullet Metagonimiasis
(the smallest human fluke - trematode)
bullet Toxoplasmosis
(protozoan parasite)
bullet Babesiosis
(hemoprotozoan parasites)
bullet Dientamoeba fragilis infection
(a flagellate)
bullet Giardiasis
(protozoan flagellate)
bullet Microsporidiosis
(obligate intracellular protozoan parasites)
bullet Trichinellosis
(roundworms - nematodes)
bullet Baylisascariasis
(larval roundworm - nematode)
bullet Diphyllobothriasis
(tapeworms - cestodes)
bullet Gnathostomiasis
(migrating immature roundworms - nematodes)
bullet Opisthorchiasis
 (flukes - trematodes)
bullet Trichomoniasis
(protozoan flagellate)
bullet Balantidiasis
(large ciliated protozoan parasite)
bullet Dipylidium caninum infection
(tapeworm - cestode)
bullet Head lice
bullet Paragonimiasis
(flukes - trematodes)
bullet Trichuriasis
(human whipworm -roundworm - nematode)
bullet Blastocystis Hominis infection
(a heterokontid chromista - stramenoiles)
bullet Dracunculiasis
(guinea worm disease - roundworm - nematode)
bullet Heterophyiasis
(a minute intestinal fluke - trematode)
bullet Pneumocystis infection
bullet Trypanosomiasis, African
(Protozoan hemoflagellates)
bullet Capillariasis
 (roundworms - nematodes)
bullet Echinococcosis
(hydatid disease- tapeworms - cestodes)
bullet Hookworms
(roundworms - nematodes)
bullet Scabies
bullet Trypanosomiasis, American
(protozoan parasite)
bullet Cercarial dermatitis
(schistosomes - trematodes)
bullet Enterobiasis
(human pinworm - roundworm - nematode)
bullet Hymenolepiasis
(tapeworms - cestodes)
bullet Schistosomiasis
(schistosomes - trematodes)